Babies and Sleep


Did anyone else think that sleeping through night meant sleeping from bedtime until normal morning wake-up time with no feedings in between? And did you also think that once *it* happened it was the end of nighttime feedings? Because I sure did! So when my then 10-week old who went to bed at 8:30pm starting sleeping straight through until about 7:30am I very happily and proudly answered to all who asked that yes, she does sleep through the night. 
Serves me right, then. 
Very quickly though, I learned two very important things.
1. Just because your baby has a few wonderful FULL nights of sleep does not mean that it will continue. In our case, it was almost two glorious weeks of this. Then, it was back to a feeding between 3-4:30. And sometimes one at midnight. Or 5:00am. And then on our trip to ME, in an unfamiliar room and an unfamiliar crib, she had two (of three) nights that she did not wake up to be fed. I was expected more feelings because her routine had changed. Again, I was wrong!
2. The second thing I learned was that sleeping through the night means just a solid five-six hours. Not 8+ hours. 
So as soon as I starting lamenting the fact that baby was no longer ‘sleeping through the night’ I learned this fact and realized that she has been sleeping through the night since about six weeks. 
But I don’t say this anymore. When I am asked, I reply with one word. Sometimes. Because these little adorable stinky creatures can be pretty darn unpredictable when it comes to sleep. Especially my little goober.
If your baby sleeps solidly through the night, every single night, then YAY! But I’m not holding my breath on this little sugar plum. It’s been two nights now of full sleeping until morning. But next time she decides at 3:00am that she’s hungry, I won’t freak out and spend hours googling sleep disorders and infant sleep regression. I’ll just imagine she misses my lovely face and wants an extra snack. 
After all, sometimes I find myself in the kitchen at 3:00am looking for a snack.


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