How NOT to sell a car.

These helpful tips come courtesy of the fine gentlemen at Imperial Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep in Mendon, MA, Colonial Toyota in Lincoln, RI and Majestic Honda in Lincoln, RI. And I say gentle’men’ because we only dealt with men. 

  1. Watch from the window while a woman pushing a stroller meanders through the rows of automobiles on your lot for fifteen minutes but only come outside when the “man” shows up next to her.
  2. Ignore the customer who has said multiple times that he needs to go because his wife and kids are in the car. 
  3. Take the customers’ request for exterior/interior styles and respond with a ‘no problem’ and then a week later look at them like they are stupid and say that car doesn’t come in that style.
  4. Show a car that has a wasp nest in the trunk.
  5. Call at 8:30pm to ‘check-in’ when you know the buyers have three young kids.
  6. Call daily, and multiple times, to find out if they made a decision. 
  7. Tell the buyers the car is arriving that day and it doesn’t… and it doesn’t come the next day.
  8. Make an appointment for the buyers to sign the paper and then call as they are heading out to say the finance guy already left for the day and they can’t get their car. On the only night they are free.
  9. Allow your service manager to call a potential buyer and say he needs to get his dead Jeep out of the lot to make room. 

And finally….

10. Not fill the friggin gas tank of the brand new car you just sold.  


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