Products I Love for Twins

When I was pregnant with my twin girls I read A LOT of blogs and I scoured Pinterest.

I found a lot of twin mommies (and some daddies) that wrote about what they DIDN’T need for their twins. And I soaked it all up.

I thought I was prepared. I wasn’t.

Not that the girls are seven months old, a lot of my opinions have changed. Things that worked at the beginning don’t work now and vice versa. The age of my oldest has also played a BIG role in some of the decisions my husband and I have made. She was 11 months when they were born, a year old when they came home from the hospital. At that time, she was only walking while holding onto furniture or hands. Now, at eighteen months old, she’s a running, climbing, falling, baby hugging monster. What we have purchased and used for the twins is very much a reflection of our family’s needs. But who knows, it may help some other twin or soon-to-be twin mommies!

Yes, the Boppy. In fact, two of them.

In those early months, when the twins pretty much just ate and slept and I recovered, they sat propped on their Boppy pillows. (We had one from our other daughter and received another as a hand-me-down) I had the ottoman pulled up the couch and had the twins right next to me. They didn’t move, my oldest couldn’t reach them, and I had no fear of them rolling or falling. It worked.
Two Bassinets

We had received two hand me down cribs but there was no way they would fit in our bedroom. Our house has two bedrooms upstairs and two downstairs. Evie has one half of the upstairs as her room and we have the other. Of course we wouldn’t be keeping the twins downstairs, nor would we stick them in Evie’s room (where all three cribs were) while they were still waking up multiple times a night. So we purchased two $60 bassinets from Babies R Us. When they outgrew those, we stuck their crib mattress on the floor with some pool noddles under the sheets to stop them from rolling off. We kept one bassinet tucked in the corner of the bedroom in case we needed a secure spot, and the other is now in the dining room. It’s super helpful at bath time (our downstairs bathroom is the only one with a tub) when I can roll it right into the bathroom and have both twins within my line of sight.

Table for Two

This was a splurge. An honest to goodness I know we can’t afford this but it seems to be the only way, splurge. At the beginning, this double seat sat on our dining room table. When we had meals, the twins could be a part of that. But when they got to big for the Boppy pillows, and their sister started to climb, we moved the Table for Two to the living room. It fit perfectly on the ottoman that came with our couch. Away from the couch, their big sister has no way to get up to them. They are tied in and they are secure. And when they are both screaming to eat, I pull up a small stool and feed them both at the same time.
Lots of baby proppers!

We were fortunate in that we did not spend money for any of those. A couple were gifts but most were hand-me-downs. If that weren’t the case, I would be suffering without because some of these things are expensive.

Bumbo Seats – when solids started, guess where they ate? In Bumbos on the table. Or when their big sister was outside, they got to chill in  baby pool without me holding them.

Sassy Rockers – when I do the dishes, they chill here and their big sis can play with her toys. When we ate out on our porch in the summer we would take them with us.

Bouncy Things – after breakfast settles, they get some bouncy time! We have a Fisher Price bouncy (pictured) and a Baby Einstein one, both as hand me downs. The Fisher Price one was the clear winner. It has a better  system for allowing the center seat  to move. The other one was too difficult for the girls to move.

Vibrating-Hammock Chair Things – now that they roll, they can’t just chill on our bed in the morning. So these stay in our room as a safe place for the girls.

Double-Stroller Frame

Granted the wheel fell off our first one but they did sent a replacement. Even at 15 and 16lbs, sometimes it’s just easier to leave them in the car seat and let them sleep. This stroller frame is so light-weight and so easy that I don’t even mind that the wheels turn wonky after you stop moving. Here is us soon after the twins came home from the hospital all in the Target family fitting room. Two large mirrors and I still managed to hide as I took the picture! This momma’s got skillz.
Two (more) high chairs.

How I longed to Ikea-hack my own daycare-style multi-child feeder table. But I’m not that talented and my dining room is too small. I would have no table for adults to eat at. So I sucked it up and bought another high chair. With the oldest, we have the $80, grow with you style high chair that takes up A LOT of space and has horrible wheels. For the twins, we got $20 IKEA high chairs. Hey stack on top of each other! I stick them side-by-side and sit facing them so both girls can eat at the same time.

Hand Mixer

Things didn’t work out for us past three months in the breastfeeding department, so we just went to formula full time. This hand mixer saves sooooooo much time! I make three quarts (12 1/3 cup scoops) at a time in a cheap pitcher from Walmart. This is the one we purchased ($16 from Walmart. It comes with this attachment and a whisk, which is what we use.

Convenient Night Feeding Accessories

As of right now, the girls are in their own bedroom, sleeping through the night (about 6pm – 5:30am). Also, (since 4.5 months) when the do have a bottle, they take their formula straight from the fridge. But those six months when they weren’t sleeping through the night? Yeah, there was no way  I was going downstairs to to make formula/to heat formula, at  all hours of the night. We stuck a mini fridge in our bedroom and stored enough formula for the night in sealable Tupperware Eco-Tumblers that  we already owned. We stuck a second bottle warmer, drying rack and bottle brush/soap in our connected bathroom and trust me, it was the best decision we could have made. So yeah, we spent an extra $50 bucks (the fridge was given to us free) but the convenience was well worth it. I still bring up two filled bottles and a sippee cup of milk for my toddler so when we are all chilling in mom and dad’s bed in the morning, I have everything I need for the girls. Not having to rush downstairs is a good thing!
What else do you need as a twin mommy? Alcohol. And chocolate. 😜


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