A new venture!


I am loving (almost) every moment of being home with my girls. It’s definitely a challenge some days, and it is by far the hardest ‘job’ I’ve ever had. It’s very difficult to maintain the balance between being right there and engaged with my girls but also actually accomplishing things around the house. With the husband working full-time, plus most nights, I would be a supreme a*hole if he came home at 8 or so in the evening and the house was dirty, there was a ton of laundry, the trash wasn’t out and there was nothing to eat. Yes, he’s a grown man and he’s capable of making himself dinner, and helping out, which he does, but I am just so grateful that he is taking the full financial burden on himself. So I will find the time to get everything done, have something for him to eat for dinner, and have his breakfast, lunch and clothes ready for the next day.

I’m also trying to get some small projects done as well. These are mostly relegated to afternoon nap time in the somewhat likely chance that there will be at least a 1/2 hour when they are all asleep. Unless I too fall asleep… Right now, it’s finishing the mudroom. So the major task is patching the holes in the walls and ceiling where additional electrical wires had to be run. Next, I want to patch the holes in the first floor bathroom and repaint. I know I don’t have to get these things done. Most of my projects are simply cosmetic ones. But I would much rather spend my weekends not doing chores around the house and being with my family.

Besides blogging, I have been trying to squeeze time in for writing and for reading. Last week I finished Salmon Rushdie’s latest, ‘Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights,’ which I loved, and also the new script/book ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.’ Now I’m reading, ‘Girl on a Train,’ because I really want to see that movie. Reading is easier. Writing always takes so much time. I mean, I always have to reread what I wrote and edit before I add because my sessions are pretty far apart. I like to be fully in the zone when reading and especially writing. This means I usually have to wait until everyone has gone to bed, when I am completely beat myself. But I’m trying!

I’ve also been itching to start something new. I’ve come to the realization that life can really be a sh*t show. We live in this amazing technological age but constantly are exposed to chemicals and toxins. We are fighting to CURE cancer while still using and consuming products that have been linked to cancer. There are statistics floating around on the internet that are just horrifying. For example, the EU (European Union) bans 1,300 chemicals from products. And the FDA bans 11.* Do you see where this is headed?

We are a country that is trying. We are dallying in organics, non-GMOs, local products. But we are also popping cough medicine and pain killers, lighting candles and spraying air freshener, using harmful chemicals to clean around our children. We are taking the convenience (and sometimes the price) over our health. I am 100% guilty of this too. I also read just the other day that babies in the US are born with 200 toxins in their cord blood*. Remember those scrubbing ‘beads’ that showed up in face washes and soaps? And then were banned because they were polluting our water supplies? Yeah, I had some of those.

I feel ashamed. Not just for me, but for all of us. We can do better. Much better.

While pregnant with Evie, I started to garner interest in essential oils. At some point, I invested in a Young Living starter kit. But it wasn’t until recently that I dug out my oils and diffuser and set to learning about how natural plant oils can replace medications, artificial perfumes or be used to create safer cleaning products. Similarly, while pregnant and after reading what skin products should not be used during that time, I ordered a few all-natural items from a fellow teacher that sold Ava Anderson.

Here’s where I condense mt story.

It’s taken me a couple years since I gained interest in  both essential oils and all-natural and chemical free cosmetic/health products. But i’m ready to take that leap and eliminate toxic chemicals from my home. I’ve made the investment and am learning as I go. I have begun a new blog which I hope can help others start to reduce the number of chemicals they have in their home. It is called, ‘Naturally Simple, Naturally Pure.’ I will be creating a complementary website with DIY tips and tricks as well as everything I learn along the way. As such, I have also become an independent consultant for both Young Living Essential Oils and Pure Haven (formerly Ava Anderson). If you have any interest in trying anything out, let me know. I have some stock and can send samples your way.

I am very excited to start this new project. It is an investment, but I am hoping that in the long run I can both help others see the light as well as keep my family healthy.

Find me at:

Blog & Site http://www.naturallysimplenaturallypure.com

Facebook @naturallysimplenaturallypure

Email naturallysimplenaturallypure@gmail.com


*Numbers are  based on my memory. I implore you to look into this! I will be, on my new blog. Where I will cite this properly!


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