What a world.

This isn’t the world I had imagined for my daughters. Getting pregnant had marked a big shift in my thinking about the world and about others. I am nowhere near perfect but I am a better human being since having children of my own. I want them to grow up to be kind selfless individuals. And as much as I can, I try to show them what those words mean.

Life is really too short to be a dick.
While I wish that there really was equality among the genders (all of them, not just men and women) I know that this is still an uphill battle. And now we haven’t just stepped back, we’ve leaped back. 

I’ve gone through the denial phase, and now I’m just angry. I’m angry and want to lash out. I want to scream at all those people stupid enough to vote for a man with no political experience, a man who is sexist, makes fun of individuals with disabilities, who is racist, and who is so easily incited by negative remarks towards him the he immediately spews disgusting garbage from his mouth. 

This is to be our leader? 

I’ve not said anything that we didn’t already know. All of the above is documented. 

This is to be the person that we are supposed to trust to run our country? 

I am flabbergasted that there are people in this country that would actually choose to vote for this man. I am appalled that there are women that voted for this man. I just don’t understand why. I can’t wrap my mind around any of this. 

This is what I know and what I believe.

Women should have the rights to their own bodies. And no man or legislative group should give more rights to something growing inside a woman’s body over that woman’s rights. I think that abortion is horrible. I couldn’t imagine having one and I empathize with every woman that has had to make a choice for herself. That being said, I would never deny another woman the right to have one if that is what she chooses. I am so grateful to have had two healthy and successful pregnancies. But not every woman is as lucky. Who are we to deny a mother the chance to live, or to deny her the chance to spare her child a life of pain? 

Every law-abiding decision has the right to own a gun, to protect him or herself, or to hunt, if he or she chooses. But the right to buy war-grade assault rifles? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Yes I think people that trophy hunt are the scum of the earth but if it’s within their rights then so be it. I’ve shot handguns at a local range. It was fun. And harder than tv cops make it look. I’d probably do it again if I could but I would never own a gun. 

College should be affordable and student loan debt minimized. Someone once called me out on my complaining about my student loan debt remarking it was my choice. Yes, it was my choice. I VALUE education. I chose to go to college, get a degree and then go back for two more advanced degrees. I’m proud of my education. Yes, I could’ve skipped college, skipped the debt and worked a desk job my whole life. But my dream was to teach. And I did and will do again when the girls are older. Going or not going is a personal choice, but it shouldn’t be determined by your socioeconomic class. 

The US needs to mind its own business. No, we shouldn’t ignore humanitarian crises. But can’t be just be Switzerland sometimes? How many more men, women and children on all sides need to die before someone figures this out? And let’s talk about those men and women…

We owe our freedoms to the men and women that serve/have served and we need to treat them with respect. We need to care for their health, we need to help them back into the workforce and we need to ensure that none are left homeless. 

All human beings need to be treated with respect. Whether you were born in this country or just got here, you deserve to be treated with the same amount of respect. My ancestors weren’t born here. They didn’t speak English when they arrived. So how does me being a natural born citizen that speaks English make any better than someone who is not and does not? It doesn’t. And people that speak broken English? They’re awesome. Because they are on their way to being bilingual. I only wish I could make that claim. 

Everyone deserves affordable health care. I’m not a moocher. I’ve been working since I was 14 (and been paying my taxes, by the way). But at 24 weeks pregnant, when my new job told me that they will be canceling my insurance because I’m going on medical leave, I had nowhere else to turn. And I am thankful for the health exchange because it allowed me to choose affordable insurance when my CATHOLIC employer kicked me off my paid school plan. 

People down on their luck need our help. But regulations need to be in place to prevent fraud. I fully support programs like Section eight, WIC and Snap. Do I always have positive feelings towards these programs? No. because I’ve been witness to (or heard from someone who witnessed it). This includes a mom selling her baby formula from WIC for cash on OfferUp. And a man who uses Snap to buy diet foods that he then returns for stores credit. It is my hope that these cases are the minority because there are many people in need that we just can’t ignore. 

When incarceration of an inmate costs three times what we spend on a child to go to school, you know the system is flawed. There are so so many reforms that need to happen in both these sectors. But let’s lower taxes on the rich, give political figures salaries for life, and butt in to more countries. Because it’s that poor mother on food stamps that’s bankrupting our country. 

I am so grateful that my daughters are little. And that when this buffoon leaves office, they will still be too young to understand this terrible decision. And I hope and pray that the steps we’ve made towards equality and women’s right aren’t destroyed in the meantime. 

I’m not going to riot. I’m not going to incite violence. I’m going to sit here and cry, and then move on. All I can do is be the best mom I can be, and raise my girls to be kind, free-thinking individuals who understand that they are lucky to be citizens of the United States and enjoy freedoms that so many don’t. Even when shit like this happens. 


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