What do you believe in?

Today I skimmed an article by a woman who wrote that she didn’t support the women’s march. She gave many reasons but the gist I got in the parts I skimmed (before I got pissed off) was that she never felt unequal, or oppressed and losers need to get over Trump winning. 

Trump is now president. Yes, that is a true. I don’t really agree that he ‘won’ when someone else got 3 million MORE popular votes, but the electoral college did choose him as our leader. And on Saturday I drove down to Washington DC with my husband and we attended the Women’s March on Washington. But I did not attend this march to protest Trump winning this election. There are many reasons why I wanted to be a part of this movement, and none of them amount to me throwing a temper tantrum, as some conservatives would claim of marchers. 

When I heard that Donald Trump was the winner of the 2016 Presidential Election I cried. It was devastating to me that a sexist, racist bully would now be our figurehead. He was to be the leader that we were to look up to? He is a privileged white man who is a liar (and this has been proven time and time again) and who cannot take criticism. He claims to be religious (now) and yet is on his third wife. He looks down on women as second class citizens and as things to be toyed with or possessed. And on his first day in office both he and his press secretary LIED.

I’m going to stop there because I’m going to explode.

I marched in Washington because I am afraid for my daughters’ future. I’m afraid that they are going to marginalized, that they are going to be denied access to the fundamental rights to control their own bodies, and I’m afraid that they will be a statistic at the hands of men. I am afraid to think of their teenage years and of them wearing tank tops on a hot day to be ogled and sexualized by men. I’m angered to know that they will have a specific dress code to follow in school so they won’t be a ‘distraction to the boys.’ I want them to stand up for their rights and what they believe in and not be called a bitch or bossy because of it. 

I marched because…

I believe that women and men are equal – they should be paid equally and they should be treated equally. 

I believe that immigrants, illegal or not, need to be treated with respect and basic human dignity. After all, we were all immigrants too. 

I believe that gender, while having physical characteristics, is a social construct. And I support the rights of individuals to be the gender that they associate with, no matter what body parts they have. And in the same token, everyone should be free to love whomever they choose. 

And I believe that children should dress how they choose and play with or read whatever they want. I am sick of seeing of gender-segregation of toys and books and activities. 

[I just watched a short video the other day where a woman (who is a teacher and therefore an educated person) made comments about a princess book being for girls and a computer book being for dads who want to show their children what they do. It left a pit in my stomach. ]

I believe that I am privileged because of the color of my skin and I don’t think that is fair. 

I believe that people need to stand in solidarity to be heard. White, black, purple or green. Men or woman. Christians or Jews or Hindus or Muslims. 

I believe that we should be accepting and open to other cultures, religions, and gender identities even if they scare us. 

I believe that our political system is failing and that our education system is failing, and people like Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Steve Bannon, Betsy Devos and Ben Carson are not the best people for the jobs they now have. 

I marched to be a part of something that was greater than myself. I marched against the status quo and in solidarity with millions of other people of all races, genders, religions and sexual identities. I marched to make the statement that I am not happy with the state of our society, with the state of our country or with the leadership of this country. 

I marched for all those that don’t have a voice, and that should. 


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