Pictures, Part 2

I’ve had a few friends comment to me about not having the time to print photos of their kids, let alone put them in frames in their house. So I figured I would share my super easy photo displays.

I swap my photos often. Every month, while going through the process of archiving and then deleting the photos on my phone, I print out my favorites. There are three places in my house that fresh photos appear. The first is on a shelf above my washer and dryer, the second is a photo board, and the third is a bulletin board in my bedroom. 

I’m a mom of three toddlers. I don’t have time for much. So trust me when I say that what I do is super easy and and super fast.The frames above my washer and dryer are acrylic. I got them for about $1 each at Walmart. I originally had them in my classroom as genre signs for my bookshelves. There are no backs to open. No obnoxious little metal tabs to pry out. If you come over and look closely you’ll see that I never actually take the photos put. I just shove the new ones in front. So when I’m cursing over the amount of laundry I have to do I can look at those angelic little babies and remember who I have to blame.

My photo board is a clearance find from the craft store. It’s basically framed chicken wire. All I do is clip photos up with fancy little clothes pins. That’s it. Easy, but looks fancy. But it takes 3 minutes.

The last area is my bulletin board where I literally just tack the new pics over the old pics. 

That’s it. 

It looks good, it’s a great way to see growth and mark the seasons, and man, it really makes strangers think you have your sh*t together! 


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