Crafty Momma DIY: Snack Box

It was quite some time ago that I first came across the idea of using a small segmented container as a snack holder for kids. Im pretty sure I found it while browsing mommy blogs on Pinterest. It definitely intrigued me but after a quick search in which I found no suitable container, I gave up.  

Last week, Evelyn and I were browsing in Dollar Tree for prize jar treats for my husband’s classroom when I came across these small craft boxes. I immediately remembered the original plan and snatched up three of them, desperate to try out the idea.

First, they took a quick bath in some soapy water.

Then I took out the small dividers and used an assortment of tools to cut down one of the segments to create a slightly larger space – this is the graham cracker spot. 

The segments are pretty small so I had to get creative with filling each one. Basically any snack that you can find that has “mini” in the name will fit. I hit the CVS cheap-food section for some great $1 options. When you only use 3-4 of these items in one segment, you get a lot of use out of the small bags! I’ve found that cereal fits really well, as do goldfish and raisins. You can also fit half of a Chewy granola bar (cut into two) or half of a Fiber One Brownie (the girls LOVE these). 

I’ve also found that because the seal isn’t super tight on these boxes it helps to put a small piece of plastic wrap over the food before closing the lid. After opening the box and snacking multiple times in a single day, the grahams weren’t too fresh. The plastic helps keep everything tasting perfect all day. 

The assortment is doing exactly what their dinner trays did – getting the girls to try new foods. [They have silicone dinner trays with five compartments so they get five separate items at their mealtime rather than just one main course]

I did have to purchase some extra bag clips and set aside a small basket to hold all these mini snacks. The value is usually in the larger packages of snacks so my plan is to only purchase what I normally purchase in full size (like goldfish and pretzels) and to purchase the “extras” (like Mini Golden Oreos) only when I can find them on sale or at the dollar store.

I’m pretty sure my girls thought they hit the jackpot when I put their Snackle Box in front of them for the first time. I was quite surprised that they ate soooo much slower because they were too busy trying to decide what to eat next. It’s been such a hit with them that I’m going to try and pick up a few more for the inevitable moment when one breaks.


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